Coastal Home, Falmouth, East Coast, Tasmania

Jo had already enjoyed a long and close relationship with the coastal town of Falmouth in Tasmania before she found and purchased a house on the headland.

Although the house itself was unremarkable, it enjoyed a prominent location on the headland and breathtaking views of the ocean and pristine coastline stretching north towards Scamander.

Jo engaged Beachouse with the brief to transform the existing house into a coastal home that would provide her with a peaceful setting in which to lead a peaceful existence, with connection to the beautiful location while offering protection from its wilder moods. The central motif for the project became the nautilus shell.

As the project has evolved, the suburban nature of the existing house has morphed into an elegant organic form that reflects and responds to it’s coastal location. What was a domineering double garage has now separated from the main building and become a separate pavilion that will serve as a guest room or meditation room. The design of the coastal home has broken from the rigid geometry of the former building, more and more resembling the nautilus shell that inspired it.

Hobart-based Island Workshop were engaged to construct the project and in close collaboration with Beachouse developed a strategy whereby significant components of the structure were prefabricated in the workshop and transported to site for assembly. The project was completed in 2016. coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home  coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home 

The completed project is a unique and elegant coastal home with a strong and respectful relationship to its place in the world. coastal_home coastal_home

The interior palette is minimal, natural and truly healthy. We chose burnished and oiled concrete flooring, oiled timber floorboards, breathable lime render & paints, lime washed joinery, limestone benches & raw linen & hemp fabrics. coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home coastal_home

Design by Beachouse Architects_Tasmania Architects_Tasmania Architects_Tasmania Architects_Tasmania Architects_Tasmania Architects
Construction by Island Workshop Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home 
Stonework by Rockstar Constructions Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home
Bauwerk paints Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home Coastal_Home