Bruny Shore, Coastal House, North Bruny Island, Tasmania

Bruny Shore Bruny Island

Rob and Fiona, both ardent adventurers and environmentalists, were leading busy professional and family lives when they fell in love with this large parcel of land on North Bruny Island with it’s own small beach and dramatic land forms. When selecting a house site, rather than linger back on higher flatter terrain they chose the site to which they were always drawn – to the point where the slope steepens in it’s descent towards the deep ocean below. They were determined to create a sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally sensitive coastal house that embraced¬† its dramatic location.

The design of the coastal house evolved to address all of these requirements while taking full advantage of the site’s sweeping views to the east and south-east. Materials included timber framed & argon filled double glazing and locally sourced non-forest timbers (primarily Macrocarpa). Recycled timbers were used internally to give the dwelling a warm, natural and casual character. The result is an understated and elegant coastal house that provides a calm and comfortable resting place in a wild and dramatic landscape.

This house has been christened Bruny Shore and is available for rent as short term holiday accommodation.Coastal_house Coastal_house Coastal_house