Exciting times ahead!

To further enhance our ethos of sustainability Agnes has become accredited as a NatHERS Assessor with HERA, one of the leading House Energy Raters Associations.

We now offer to all our clients in-house Energy Ratings and design optimization with BERS Pro to achieve the best possible performance for your home with the highest energy star rating possible.

Here our latest project on the drawing board:

A creative adventure with an old film set in Victoria.

Published in the latest edition of Sanctuary by RENEW.

We are absolutely thrilled to have won the second price in the 2019 Global Architecture and Design Award

Re-thinking the future with our small passive solar designed home and office in Tasmania. Here is the link:

A lifelong passion to integrate good garden design with passive heating and cooling techniques for all our building projects led Agnes to obtain an additional qualification in Horticulture.

If you require assistance in planning a beautiful garden to surround your new home we love to be involved.

River Street Veggie Patch

Check out the green issue of the real living magazine in June 2018 with an article about the Ferntree House in Hobart called BUSH BALLAD.

Ferntree Real Living Magazine (2)Ferntree Real Living Magazine (3)Ferntree Real Living Magazine (4)Ferntree Real Living Magazine (1)

We are very proud to feature on Australia’s SUSTAINABLE HOUSE DAY poster this year & also in the latest Sanctuary magazine, issue 40.

Come and visit us on Sept the 17th. from 10am-4pm.

sustainable house day 2017

Great article in the Mercury’s “The Art and Design Issue” tasweekend edition Sept 3-4.

River house, River Street carlton, TAS

Visit our project: The River House on the Sustainable House Day, 11.September 2016, from 10am to 4pm.

We are excited to be a Finalist in the Category Residential with our River House for the 2015 International Green Interior Award in Sydney.

International Green Interior Awards

We are excited to be a Finalist in the Category Single Dwelling with our River House in Carlton for the 2015 Sustainability Awards in Sydney.

The King Island Whale Tail House won the 2014 Masterbuilders Judges Inspiration Residential Award for Roger Banfield and AM Milson Pty Ltd.

Our King Island Whale Tail House is featuring in the latest GRAND DESIGNS Australia magazine, Issue 3.3 in a comprehensive article


King _Island_Whale_Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture _1King_Island_Whale_Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture_2King_Island_Whale_Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture_4King_Island_Whale_Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture_3

King_Island_Whal_ Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture_5King_Island_Whale_Tail_House_by_Beachouse_Architecture_6

The King Island House, designed by Beachouse featured in Grand Designs Australia on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel the 5th.of Dec2013 at 8.30pm.

King Island Whale Tail House, TAS Series 4 · Episode 9

“Anchored in the middle of Bass Strait and subject to the ferocious winds of the Roaring Forties, King Island is about as far from the tropics as you can get in Australia. Yet artists Di and Andrew Blake have decided to build a house there after almost twenty years of living in far East Arnhem Land….2 locations literally at either end of the country.

Drawn to the opportunity to live amongst the raw elements of nature, they’ve bought a spectacular parcel of land in the dunes of the wild west coast of the island. Their challenge is to produce a building that allows them to experience this environment in relative comfort.

Their design – a central wedge of living space flanked by two asymmetrical wings – is startlingly different for King Island. From the air, it will resemble a whale’s tail, or perhaps a tail plane from an aircraft. The clever angles of the north face will break up winds and provide shelter, but it will also put the local builder’s skill set to the test.

There are no sub contractors on the island so the builder and his team will need to handle everything – from slab pour and plastering to fitting the roof – and this is not your average construction….with few straight lines and full of tricky geometry.

Perhaps Di and Andrew’s biggest problem is stopping the sand from their dune blowing away. Their solution is creative and cheap, but will it be enough to tame the forces of nature?

The Blakes are operating without a formal budget or schedule. They like to keep things relaxed, but at the same time, they need to bring this house in for a moderate amount of money.
Pretty soon, they have to travel to the Top End for work – leaving the builder to his own devices.

Di and Andrew must contend with dwindling resources and the sand, wind and rain if they want to achieve their dream.but King Island has never been a place for the feint hearted.”

The Chickenshed Conversion on the Tasman Peninsula by Beachouse features in the latest green magazine issue 27, pages 36 to 42 in a comprehensive article “Hatched”.


green_magazine_issue_27green_magazine_chickenshed_tasman_peninsula_by_Beachouse_Architecturegreen_magazine_chickenshed_tasman_peninsulagreen_magazine_chickenshed_tasman_peninsula_by_Beachouse_Architecture (2)green_magazine_chickenshed_tasman_peninsula_by-Beachouse_Architecturegreen_magazine_chickenshed_tasman_peninsula_by_beachouse_Architecture (3)

Beachouse Architecture features in the latest Sorell Roundabout.


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